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2018 is my year of consciously choosing how to invest my time. Looking for alternative ways to find information, knowledge that allows me to grow, the medium of podcasts fits my intention perfectly! This seems to be a popular route for alternative publishing with so many high-quality podcasts on offer. So here are my curated recommendations to get your fix depending on what you need.


The Daily (NY Times)

The Daily gives you 20 mins of commentary and insight on the important headline that is dominating the news every day, along with with a summary of other headlines. Hosted by former political journalist Michael Barbaro, his presenting is intimate, informed and modest. It’s the perfect AM podcast to listen to as you are waking up, getting ready to work or on your commute as the podcast is ready every day at 6 am.

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Monocle 24: Culture with Robert Bound

Monocle is a slick, informed edit of current affairs and culture across the globe. Based in London and with international desks that cover most continents, Monocle has long been in the business of radio and podcasts with Monocle 24. They offer a number of podcasts depending your appetite for foreign affairs, entrepreneurship, food or design but the Monocle 24; Culture podcast is a great all-around podcast with quirky subject matter and charming presenting done by Robert Bound. You are sure to find yourself enlightened and challenged with this one.

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The High Low

This is hands down still a huge favourite. Journalists and close friends, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton co-host this wonderful show where they discuss wide-ranging topics that come from Vanity Fair Editor, Tina Brown’s concept of ‘The High Low’. A mix of politics and current affairs to the trivial and silly, or as Pandora Sykes would put it, ‘‘from the ridiculous to the sublime’ with a huge dollop of wit and unapologetic feminine sass.  A wonderful, wonderful show that comes out every week.

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Table Manners with Jessie Ware

British singer Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie host this relaxed, chatty podcast where they invite guests to talk about family, food and life over some food served up by Lennie. Jessie and Lennie bounce off each other in this natural and dynamic podcast, leaving you feeling like you are having dinner at the Ware’s and with their other invited guests. Oversharing guaranteed.

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Stuff you should know

Ever felt that you your knowledge of random but important things is patchy? This upbeat, engaging, sassy podcast gives you an everything you need to know. It covers everything from the practical advice to the definition of a legal term or how big thinking concepts to the historical background of items.

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Myths & Legends

If you have any interest in folklore and magical stories then this podcast is for you. I stumbled across this when I wanted to hear more short stories and loved myths and fairytales. Narrated by the podcast’s founder, Jason covered myths and legends from a wide catchment of culture so don’t just expect to hear about King Arthur and Camelot or Arabian Nights. He narrates each story with a grounded, intimate form of storytelling and makes the tales very accessible to related to in the modern day.

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